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Tag: haftara
04.12.2018 16:39    Comments: 0    Categories: Holidays      Tags: torah  shabbat  hanukkah  haftara  
The haftarah portion for the Sabbath of Hanukkah
29.05.2017 17:26    Comments: 0    Categories: Holidays      Tags: torah  holidays  haftarah  shavuot  ganzel  
At the beginning of the Book of Ezekiel the prophet describes how "the heavens opened
08.10.2015 23:59    Comments: 0    Categories: Weekly Parashah      Tags: torah shabbat parashat  v’zot habracha – haftarah  
Our haftarah, the very beginning of the second section of Scripture (the Prophets), tells of the beginning of Joshua’s career as leader of the Jewish people
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