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Tag: rosh hashana
17.09.2018 12:52    Comments: 0    Categories: Weekly Parashah      Tags: torah  shabbat  parashah  hag  rosh hashana  kippu  sukkot  
In the gemara (Rosh ha-Shanah 11a) the month of Tishre is called Yerah Eitanim,
18.09.2017 15:54    Comments: 0    Categories: Weekly Parashah      Tags: torah  holidays  rosh hashana  
Why in the prayer Avinu Malkeinu are some of the requests we make of the Lord, “Our Father, our King,”
18.08.2011 14:01    Comments: 0    Categories: Holidays      Tags: rosh hashanah  day  judgement  wishes  
Rosh HaShanah is called the Day of Judgement. Judgement? What Judgement? Who’s judging? Why do we need to be judged? What’s that all about?

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