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The Star of David as Symbol of a Unified but Complex Nation

The star of David -- the symbol emblazoned upon the flag of the State of Israel, contains an allusion to the complexity of the Jewish People. The star of David is a single object, yet it is composed of opposing points. It is the same with the Jewish People: “The Israelites shall camp with each person near the banner having his paternal family’s insignia” (Numbers 2:2). On the one hand, we find a profusion of banners, and on the other hand, we are “one nation in the Land” (II Samuel 7:23).

Regarding the blessing of Moses, “G-d was King in Jeshurun, when the people’s leaders gathered themselves together and the tribes of Israel were united” (Deuteronomy 33:5), Rashi comments, “‘When the people’s leaders gathered themselves together’ -- When they gather together as one group, with peace reigning between them, G-d is then their King, but not when there is strife among them.”

Right now, we are at the height of an election campaign whose purpose it is to paint “the star of David” in different shades which will give expression to the various views and political streams within the nation. That variety finds voice in the profusion of political parties, with each sector striving to increase the area colored by it in the national spectrum.

At times, the political struggles are harsh and volatile, yet we must remind ourselves over and over that despite the differences, the controversies and the opposing views, we are one people. True valor and national maturity consist of our continuing together despite the differences and opposing views.

To remain as one despite differences in viewpoint and mentality is a major prerequisite of family life, as well as in the life of a society and a nation. Quite the contrary, it is the profusion of different outlooks and the struggle between streams of thought which ultimately brings about the right balance in the social fabric. And all of this with faith in the Eternal One of Israel, faith that above all, there is a Guardian, and that He who chooses His people Israel with love is leading us safely up the ascending path towards complete redemption.

Longing for salvation,



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