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 Parashat Vaera 5774 by Rav Dov Begon

The people must be directed calmly and patiently.

Message for Today

Moses tries to comfort the Israelites in Egypt, “yet due to their short spirits and the drudgery, they would no longer listen to him” (Exodus 6:9). Rashi explains, “They could not be comforted, because when someone is in anguish he becomes too short-spirited and impatient.”

Such people cannot be comforted. Therefore, the antidote to situations of tension, hardship and crisis is patience and forbearance, breathing long and deep, just as women in labor are advised to take deep breaths in order to ease the pain of childbirth.

Today, we are living in a generation of unending spiritual, cultural, political, economic and social complications and crises, which involve and influence us all. Precisely in this generation, we must arm ourselves with patience and forbearance, and take deep breaths, especially our political and spiritual leaders. In the same way, the Torah says, “The L-rd spoke to both Moses and Aaron.

He gave them instructions regarding the Israelites” (Exodus 6:13), and Rashi comments, “He commanded them to lead the people calmly and to show forbearance” (Rashi).

And just as King David required us “to proclaim G-d’s goodness in the morning and His faithfulness at night” (Psalm 92:2), in situations of darkness and G-d’s concealing Himself, so must we resolve to become stronger in faith and love.

By doing so, we will merit to see with our own eyes how G-d brings joy to the world He created, and how “a new light shall shine upon Zion and we will soon be worthy to enjoy its brightness” (Blessings before the Shema).

Looking forward to complete salvation,


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