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Rabbi Cowen's Corner (Notes on the Parsha)


The Waters of Life

Our Sages teach us that a community's first priority, before building a synagogue, before building a school or yeshiva, is the building of a Mikveh. Our Sephardic community is no different in this pursuit. We are fortunate to already have the structure in place for building the "MA'AYAN CHAIM AT ETZ CHAIM MIKVEH" - "THE WATERS OF LIFE MIKVEH AT ETZ CHAIM". So, every week, you will find a thought, fact, or clip about the importance of Mikveh in the e-bulletin, and, moving forward into the new year, we appeal to you to reach deep into your heart and donate to the most important foundation of the Jewish family. Please Click on the Link Below to enjoy information on Mikveh.

Jew in the City:Mikvah: Splish Splash, Is it a Jewish Bath?


Notes on the Parsha

On the last day of his life, Moshe assembles together all the nation, both young and old, lowly and exalted, men and women in a final initiation. The covenant with HaShem includes not only those who are present, but even those generations yet unborn. Moshe admonishes the people again to be extremely vigilant against idol worship, because in spite of having witnessed the abominations of Egypt, there will always be the temptation to experiment with foreign philosophies and ideologis as a pretext for immorality. Moshe describes the destruction of the Land of Israel which will be a result of the failure to heed Hashem's mitzvot. Both their descendants and other nations alike will notice the singular desolation of the Land and its apparent inability to be sown or to produce crops. The conclusion will be apparent to all - the Jewish People abandoned the One who protects them, in favor of idols which can do nothing. Moshe guarantees, however, that the people will eventually repent after both the blessings and the curses have been fulfilled. No matter how assimilated they will have become among the nations, eventually Hashem will bring them back to the Land of Israel. Moshe impresses upon the people to remember that the Torah is not a remote impossibility; rather its fulfillment is within the grasp of every Jew. The Parasha concludes with a dramatic choice between life and death. Moshe exhorts the people to choose life.


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