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3 Ways To Destroy Your Life And 3 Ways To Heal
3 WAYS TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE AND 3 WAYS TO HEAL Personal Relevance of the Three Weeks We each have our unique challenges. The fears we face, the insecurities we encounter, the battles we wage. Virtually every area of life is fraught with struggle and difficulty; whether it is in our relationships or in the inner recesses of our psyches, we each have our demons and destructive tools. But what is the root of our troubles? After all, no one gets lost in a moment. We first wander off course, then as mistakes after mistakes accumulate, we end up who knows how far off the road we began on. Can we trace back the steps to that first waver? Can we distinguish between symptoms and causes? The secret to a healthy life is to discover the source and cause of misalignments and realign that which has moved out of place. Unfortunately, many of us become a product of our flaws and errors, and instead of healing at the core, we create new coping mechanisms to accomodate our distortions and aberrations. Instead of reclaiming our quintessential identities we develop -- and even fabricate -- new and superimposed ones. The Three Weeks -- the present period of commemorating the siege and destruction of the holy Temples -- are actually a 1944 year-old formula, perhaps the first such formula ever devised, to help us identify the roots of personal and emotional destruction, in order to find the appropriate methods to heal our wounds and reconnect to our selves. In the Three Weeks we recognize that <b>...</b>
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