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Best Seder in the USA (The Passover Song)
Jewish Treats and @JewishTweets invite you to the "Best Seder in the USA"! Follow us on Twitter! "Like" us on Facebook! A Project of the National Jewish Outreach Program (NJOP) Passover takes place this year April 7-14, 2012, with the first seder held on Friday night April 6th! Download your copy of Jewish Treat's exclusive Guide to Preparing a Passover Seder. Whether it is your first time hosting or not, this guide will give your the insights you need to help make this year's seder the best ever! Download it here Not hosting your own seder this year? See if one of our Passover Across America seders are taking place in your community! "The Best Seder in the USA" Lyrics Woke up in bed at the corner of Lex With a dream of how it used to be. Remembering the time of the Exodus...Oy And how the Jews were set free. Jumped in the cab Throwin' a Seder for the first time Look to the right and I see the Manischewitz sign I'm hostin' my first Seder So please don't be a hater My tummy's turnin' hope my Seder is amazing So much pressure that I'm shvitzing That's when the Matzah man turned on the radio And the Dayenu song was on And the Dayenu song was on And the Dayenu song was on CHORUS: So I put my Yarmulke on They're playin' my song And the butterflies fly away Cleanin it up like yeah! Grindin it up like yeah! Filled the wine up In Elijah's cup I know its gonna be ok Yeah, the best Seder in the USA Yeah, the best Seder in the USA <b>...</b>
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