About Us
This is Our Mission at 24jewish, The Jewish Network Worldwide Online, Anytime, Anywhere. Smart Community broadcasting is based on Video, Photo, Music, Games upload, download, share, transfer files, events to your "Kosher" environment at 24jewish site.
In conformity with the "" mission, 24jewish Team strongly believes that the 24 jewish Community Multimedia content should be offered free of charge for most of the services. This Community unites people of different cultures, nationalities and customs.

24jewish carries out its mission through by improving it constantly.
The 24 jewish Multimedia helps people connect with each other, share, upload Photos, Videos, Music, Games, events "The Jewish Way".

Rabbi David Bitton- Certified Mohel
"Rabbi David Bitton- Certified Mohel" Contact Rabbi David Bitton by email. or Call: 347- 451-4066


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